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Contributors and Credits

MHIS SITE WAS made possible by the generous contributions of a small group of people equally committed to the recognition of photogravure. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.

Howard Greenberg
Proprietor of The Howard Greenberg Gallery. Howard began his career collecting Camera Work gravures. Since that time he has become one of the leading photography dealers in the world. He has generously shared his collection and knowledge with me and has offered continued support in the success of this project.

Christian A. Peterson
Associate curator of photography at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and author of several books on Pictorial Photography contributed much of the text for this site.

Toky Branding and Design
Toky Branding and Design in St. Louis is the award-winning design firm that is responsible for the beautiful and sensitive design of this site. They have donated countless hours to this project and I can't thank them enough.

David Morrish
Having recently authored Copper Plate Photogravure, Demystifying the Process (Focal Press 2003), David has been through many of the steps required to launch a project like this. David has graciously acted as a consultant, lending his expertise on photogravure and publishing to the development of this site.

Jon Goodman
Jon's dedication to the photogravure process is nonpareil. His willingness to help me on a multitude of levels is equally tireless.

Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor, proprietor of Renaissance Press, has unconditionally offered his support to this project. Special thanks goes to Paul for allowing us to use his photographs to illustrate the Process section.

Lothar Osterburg
A dynamic and energetic artist and photogravure printer, Lothar has opened his studio to my still and video cameras providing a wealth of content that will go live with the second phase of the site.

Curt Von Diest
A talented web site administrator has significantly aided in the site's development.

Ferguson and Katzman Photography
My partner, Scott Ferguson and the rest of the staff at the studio, who have unconditionally supported this project over the past six years.

Hilary, Matt, Charlie and Maggie
My family who have patiently and lovingly tolerated my obsession with smiles on their faces.