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December 10th, 2006

Photogravure proves itself at Swann

The value of the hand pulled photogravure is emerging as witnessed in last weeks aution entitled, ‘Photographic Literature’ at Swann in New York. The three top lots of this red-hot genre contained hand-pulled photogravures.
Doris Ulmann’s Roll, Jordan, Roll (New York, 1933) sold for $33,600. Alvin Langdon Coburn’s, New York (London & New York, 1910) netted a record $28,800, and an issue of Camera Work, Number 36, with 16 Stieglitz photogravures was had for $20,400.
More encouraging is that these lots were purchased by dealers, implying that the retail value of this work is significantly higher.

7 Responses to “Photogravure proves itself at Swann”

  1. Marilyn says:

    I saw on another site that O’Keefe had her moon (and other plenats as well) in scorpio in the 12th house. This could also help explain why she denied the sexual aspect of her work, she was actually unaware of it on some level, or at least didn’t want it to be seen. Tracy Marks book “Your Secret Self” also mentions the myth of Demeter as relevant to the moon in the 12th. I remember reading in O’Keefe’s bio that she used to work in isolation for half the year in the desert in NM, then go to NY to Stieglitz to sell her work. You can’t get more Persephone like than that!I also have scorpio moon in the 12th and have found this way of working as an artist to be both appealing and useful.

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