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May 12th, 2007

Vintage Original Photogravures and Stieglitz

CameraWork_24_04.jpgOne objective of this site is to bring awareness to the collecting community that certain photogravures are original, vintage printsCoburn, Emerson and Annan worked directly in photogravure and their involvement is without question.  When discussing Stiegliz and Camera Work plates however, the distinction is less clear.

Frequently I come across texts that support the position that many of the Camera Work gravures were made in close collaboration between Stieglitz and the artist.

The following excerpt is from Weston Naef’s, The Collection of Alfred Stieglitz …"De Meyer was also a an impeccable judge of when he could speak out and refuse to pass on the proofs of his Camera Work gravures, describing what he has shown as ‘too grey, lack contrast, weak and not luminous.’ shortcomings which he felt drained the life from his flower studies.  About gravures de Meyer knew Stieglitz was fastidious and would listen to criticism. p. 178

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