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February 3rd, 2008

Visitors from Communication Arts

Welcome. Thanks for taking the time to checkout  This struggling medium needs all the attention it can get.  And while Toky has done a great job interpreting the spirit of photogravure for the web, its true essence, like fine letterpress printing, can only be fully appreciated in person.  Photogravure pushes ink-on-paper to its limits.  

So, head to a museum’s print viewing room or your local library’s rare book room and see for yourself. Find some examples of Stieglitz’s Camera Work or Coburn’s London and then spread the word.  Or if you are in the neighborhood, stop by the studio and I will personally give you a tour of the history of photography in photogravure.

Thanks again for your interest.

Sincerely Mark Katzman

Ferguson and Katzman

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