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April 13th, 2013

Photogravure Workshop Results

Tyler Craft, Langkofel, 2012

Tyler Craft was introduced to photogravure when he volunteered to program this site.  He has since become a savvy collector and now has made a photogravure of his own. Tyler is a highly sought-after programmer. His interest in photography is recent, and it is a hobby.  His (very thoughtful) wife gave him a photogravure workshop with Paul Taylor at Renaissance Press as a birthday gift last year.  I was floored by the image he produced from his first attempt.  The point is, while this is a very complicated and laborious process, with the right workshop and teacher one can achieve beautiful results with little to no experience.

If you are interested, Paul’s summer workshop schedule and more information can be viewed here.

2 Responses to “Photogravure Workshop Results”

  1. I am a fervent ‘connaisse’of Alfred Stieglitz.It has become my own work in St.Triphon Switzerland since a summercourse in Italy with 2 American masters in photogravure, Luis Camnitzer from NewYork come over to teach this very difficult and complicated craft. FInkbeiner was his assistant, lived near Valdotta (photogravure course) in Lucca, Italy, I worked from 1981-1993 and my work just seeing it may interest you. My héliogravures as they are also called are kept since 1993 in 2 Swiss museums. By chance a friend from Amsterdam Holland sent today your site, which I like. Hope to create contact if there is interest, as I could show my photo-etchings and I often make a gift to collectionneurs. Sincerely Hubertine Heijermans

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