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October 31st, 2014

Old School: Hendrik Faure

Untitled, 2011

Untitled, 2011

My first question when an artist inquires about being included in this collection is – do you work in copper?  More often than not these days the answer is ‘no, polymer.’  So when I learned that German photographer Hendrik Faure did indeed work in copper, I was excited to see his prints.

His gallery describes his work as “lonely landscapes with richly textured, haunting results. Using objects in his studio Faure creates intimate microcosms combined with the reoccurring themes of life, beauty and decay. Flora and fauna wilt and dry alongside animals, reptiles, birds, skulls and mannequins. Despite the sombre nature of the subjects, his imagery is rich with emotive and silent composure. The distressed appearance of Faure’s photographs creates a venerable classicism. His sometimes-surreal scenes slowly reveal themselves amidst the distressed qualities of the gravure.”

First hand, Faure’s images beautifully tap the photogravure proccess to convey the intensity and beauty that this vetreran psychiatrist, insightful photographer and dedicated printmaker sees.  To learn and see more, visit L A Noble Gallery.