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The History of the Photogravure
Contemporary Photography

BY THE END OF WORLD WAR II, photogravure had become largely a memory, despite the fact that some of the greatest photographers to have lived considered it the finest method ever of picture making. Then, in the early seventies, Jon Goodman appeared on the scene. Caught by the awe and beauty of this all-but-forgotten art, he has been passionately working to revive the method for the past thirty years. In addition to a long relationship with the Aperture Foundation producing portfolios from the negatives of photographers like Paul Strand, Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, Goodman has also made prints for many of today's contemporary artist including Robert and Shana Parkharrison, Eiko Hosoe and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Other practitioners like Deli Sacilotto and Paul Taylor, both master printers, can also be credited with nurturing the revival of photogravure. For 30 years they each have worked extensively in photogravure and have printed editions for some of the greatest photographers of our time.

An excellent example of contemporary photogravure can be witnessed in the efforts of Steven Albahari and John Wood. Their periodical 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography is inspired by Camera Work and is dedicated to the same high standards of craftsmanship and aesthetic. Each deluxe volume contains several gravures of photographs by many of today's leading photographers.

Currently a small group of dedicated artist practitioners including Lothar Osterberg, David Morrish, Marlene MacCallum, Willis F. Lee, John Craig and Unai San Martin are producing their own work in photogravure. This group deserves special attention and can be explored in more detail in the Contemporary Practitioners section of this site.



Parke Harrison, Edison's Light
ParkeHarrison, Robert and ShanaDenotes An Original
Edison's Light. 2000.
Photogravure print. 21.7 cm x 18.5 cm