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Lothar Osterburg

"Working in photogravure, I speak to lost times and faraway places, bringing to realization my own imaginings of a romantic, ideal universe. The underlying theme of my work, reflected in the proliferation of sailboats and spacecrafts, rushing waters, and barren arctic landscapes, is the freedom discovered in travels to unknown lands juxtaposed with the reality that the scenes are staged, created in the artist's studio.

In choosing photogravure, I follow in the tradition of the photographers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and like them I am able, through the technique of platemaking and printing, to control with precision each element of the process. The soft focus, infinite range of velvet blacks and rich grays, the scratches and traces from the printmaking process, and the use of rough, unfinished models all work together to suspend the final image somewhere between the real and the imaginary."

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