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Preparing the Plate
Preparing the Image
Transferring the Image to the Plate
Etching the Plate
Printing the Gravure
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The Photogravure Process
Transferring the Image to the Plate
EXT THE IMAGE must be transferred to the prepared copper plate. The image-carrying tissue is adhered to the plate. This tissue/plate is then soaked in hot water softening the gelatin and allowing the paper base of the tissue to separate.
Portions of the gelatin that received little or no light during exposure to the transparency remain soluble and slowly wash away, leaving a gelatin image that will act as an acid resist when the plate is etched. The gelatin image on the copper plate, now called a resist, is then dried.

The exposed tissue and copper plate are placed together in a chilled bath

The gelatin softens and swells. The paper base separates and is removed.

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